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At Broadfield Primary Academy, we believe that children and young people should know how to stay safe, healthy and be prepared for life’s opportunities, challenges, life decisions and responsibilities they will face in a world full of challenges and uncertainty. Through the use of myHappyMind and Discovery Education, pupils will be able to explore, discuss and develop the essential skills for building positive, respectful and non-exploitative relationships, staying safe on and offline and how to keep themselves physically and mentally healthy. Our curriculum includes coverage of the Relationships and Health Education guidance, including the non-statutory sex education as well as wider PSHE learning, keeping in line with the requirement of the National Curriculum (2014) where schools ‘should make provision for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE)’.  The four British Values are also intertwined through the curriculum, and across other subjects, where pupils discuss and explore democracy, rule of law, respect, tolerance and individual liberty.  By providing good quality PSHE and RSE sessions, the staff at Broadfield Primary Academy are carrying out their duty of care with regards to safeguarding. As part of the RSE curriculum, we look at child-on-child abuse and discuss ideas relating to personal boundaries, consent and communicating boundaries with others. This provides our pupils with the confidence and skills to enter an ever changing world around them and prepares them for the challenges and responsibilities they will encounter.


The PSHE/RE is a whole school approach to health, wellbeing and relationship education and allows pupils to explore the three core areas of learning across Key Stages 1 and 2; health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world.  Each area is revisited to enable progression and revision of ideas and themes as children mature and are able to articulate their ideas and discuss concepts in more depth.  Lessons are delivered weekly, through the use of the NHS backed program, myHappyMind where pupils develop an understanding of how their brains work, goal setting, identifying character strengths and positive mindset.  Our lessons then extend beyond this to use the DiscoveryEducation program to deliver the RSE aspect of the curriculum which is taught every other week.  Sex education has been included in line with the DfE recommendations and is covered in Year 5 of our curriculum.  Throughout the course of the units, the requirements of the Equality Act are supported through direct teaching, for example learning about different families, the negative effect of stereotyping and celebrating differences as well as a diverse range of teaching resources throughout lessons. 

A range of teaching and learning activities are used and based on good practice in teaching PSHE/RSE in order to ensure that all pupils can access learning and make progress.  At the beginning of each unit of myHappyMind, staff are expected to complete a ‘pre-requisite’ form as well as an ‘end of unit’ form to help gauge the progress made by each class.  There is also an area for staff CPD and specific training has been given to staff members to ensure they know how to deliver the program efficiently and effectively.  There are meaningful opportunities for cross-curricular learning, with computing for online safety, science for growing, nutrition and lifestyle and maths for budgeting and learning how to save money.  The two programs provide consistent messages and progression throughout the year groups and includes where to find help and from whom.


Each lesson recaps the main learning for the session and revolves mainly around discussion, with pupils recording their important information within their journals for myHappyMind.  For Discovery Education, pupils complete a ‘pre-quiz’ and then a ‘post-quiz’ once the unit has been taught.  This allows staff at Broadfield Primary Academy to look at the data and identify any pupils who may need some catchup or intervention to fill gaps in their understanding.  myHappyMind follows a similar theme where there is an overall quiz then further mini-quizzes for each of the units.  Once both programs have been completed, pupils at Broadfield Primary Academy will have met the objectives set out within the Relationships and Health Education statutory guidance. They can then apply these skills within their daily lives, making them more confident individuals who have positive body awareness, an in-depth knowledge of how to keep themselves safe and healthy, on and offline and who will, through respect, tolerance and understanding, forge and maintain positive relationships with a diverse range of family and friendship groups.

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