Throughout their time at Broadfield Primary Academy, children become  confident  scientists  who  can  predict,  discover,  investigate  and  analyse  concepts  from  the  world  around  them  and  apply  these  skills  across  the  curriculum.  Our  broad  science  curriculum aligns with the National Curriculum which builds on and embeds learning from the Foundation Stage all the way through to Year 6 to prepare pupils to leave Primary School ready for the next phase in their education. 


Our Science curriculum has been carefully designed to  provide opportunities for learners to question, predict, set up fair tests, observe and measure, record data, interpret and communicate results and evaluate the outcomes to secure the fundamental  skills of applying scientific theory. Science is taught through real life applications to make learning meaningful and develop children’s scientific curiosity about the world around them. We follow a pedagogical model which ensures prior knowledge is accessed and key concepts and skills are retained throughout children’s primary education. Do Now starters allow for activation of prior knowledge children have and deepen and extend their understanding of new learning. End of unit assessments are carried out to assess pupil understanding, identify gaps and misconceptions in learning and revisit key concepts and ideas. 


Our curriculum promotes pupils to become reflective and inquisitive scientists. Planning and book monitoring identify a balance of teaching core concepts alongside opportunities for pupils to investigate through inquiry based learning which allows for application of scientific concepts. Lesson observations note the high levels of pupil engagement and their enthusiasm is evident during learning walks and pupil voice. Our pedagogical model ensures children are able to recall and retain core knowledge and concepts from each topic which is reflected in the end of unit assessments quizzes. This model ensures children have secured the knowledge they need by the end of their Primary education and prepares them for their next steps in their scientific journey.  

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