Throughout their time at Broadfield Primary Academy, all children will be given the opportunity to explore their creativity through the visual arts. Our aim is to nurture the aspiration of our pupils by delivering a rich and broad visual arts curriculum, through a well balanced and creative approach. Our chosen scheme, ‘Access Art’ is designed around the fact that art is far more than a series of technical skills and so provides us with a holistic curriculum which nurtures creative thinking skills. The flexibility of the scheme also allows us to tailor and develop the planning and resources to meet the needs of the children at BPA so that they acquire a passion for the visual arts and a thirst to explore their creativity further. With a strong focus on three specific areas, drawing, colour and 3-dimensional work, the children will be able to build on their skills, year on year at BPA, leaving us knowing their place in the world as confident, imaginative beings and empowered to be the creative masters of the future.

Core knowledge and skills have been mapped out across the school to ensure progression in the three areas: drawing, colour and 3-dimensional work. Throughout each of these areas, sketchbook work is intertwined to develop the children’s skills, imagination and ability to make visual notes and explore ideas.


Each lesson has a similar structure with a clear learning objective, which is centred around specific key knowledge and skills. Key vocabulary is discussed and any unfamiliar words, explained. The learning journey for the pathway and its proposed outcome is communicated to the children so that they can see how the skills and knowledge taught throughout helps prepare them for their final outcome. Links to various resources from the Access Art scheme are used throughout lessons, which provide stimulating and enriching experiences for the children.

The core skill is modelled by the teacher and the success criteria is shared to ensure the children are clear about what the expectations are. They then have the opportunity to practise and explore the skill independently.

At the end of each lesson, children are given the opportunity to share their work and reflect upon their successes and areas for development. This allows children to become self critical and masters at developing their own artistic ability.

Most units culminate in a final piece of work which their skills lessons have been preparing them for. This gives the pupils a chance to apply the skills taught throughout the pathway and demonstrate how they can use them creatively.


Success is measured through the application of skill. Once a child has completed their final piece of work, it will be assessed against a tick list of skills that have been taught throughout the pathway. This allows us to understand how confident each child is with the content that has been taught and how well they can apply it.

We want our learners to be proficient in using a wide range of skills and techniques in a creative way and be confident to take risks where needed, so that they can achieve their creative potential. Pleasingly, enthusiasm and excitement for art at BPA is very much evident throughout the school. The motivation and dedication of the children during art lessons and the pride on their faces when they know they have created something spectacular are prime examples of the success of Access Art so far.

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