A Welcome from BPA

“Our decisions and efforts revolve around the best interests of the children in

our care”

Our overarching mission is for all Broadfield Primary Academy children to be nurtured as uniquely talented individuals, finding fulfillment through their love of learning and the exploration of the furthest reaches of their intellectual, creative, physical and emotional capabilities. Our children will be guided and challenged to become principled local, national and global citizens.  They will be committed to economic and environmental sustainability, and to tackling poverty and intolerance at all levels. Guided by staff who are blind to superficial barriers, our children will be central to their own learning, striving to achieve at the highest possible level in an environment of mutual trust and respect that allows the school vision to flourish. Broadfield Primary Academy are sewing the seeds of developing life-long learners, rich in a plethora of ‘real skills’ that add value to their lives and the lives of others.  Our children will be creative risk-takers and intelligent thinkers. They will be leaders and team-players, as well as confident individuals who set themselves challenging goals.

Capitalising on previous successes, Broadfield Primary Academy will have built on all of its strengths and successes, continuously striving to be a leading-edge Primary education provider.  Our pupil achievement and progress will continue to along its upward trajectory and maintain a relentless focus on standards.  Outstanding attainment will be evident through our results at the end of key phases and through the work and outcomes produced by each pupil in all subjects, every school day.  The quality of learning will be driven by quality first teaching and the coaching and professional support given to our dedicated teachers will be of exemplary standard and lead the way in teacher development for the 21st Century.  Our quality of teaching will be judged and evidenced through the progress made by each child and their ability to apply core skills and a wider understanding of the world around them.