At Broadfield, we follow the Charanga English Model Music Scheme to deliver our music curriculum. This sequence of learning is aligned with the National Curriculum, supporting all its requirements: listening, singing, playing, composing, improvising and performing. 

The scheme follows a spiral approach to musical learning, with children revisiting, building and extending their knowledge and skills incrementally. In this manner, their learning is consolidated and augmented, increasing musical confidence and enabling them to go further. 

Its philosophy of music education is that it should be fun and engaging for all, and that every child is born a musician. The academic year is divided into six units, each corresponding with one of the six recurring Social Questions, combined with a Musical Spotlight.


The first step of each unit introduces that unit’s focus in terms of content, skills and knowledge; the middle lessons then develop this, and the final, sixth step assesses the learning through exciting performances and activities.

At the centre of each lesson is a song around which the musical learning is centred. Each lesson has a structure that takes the children through listening, singing, performing, composing and improvising exercise.


As a result of learning using the Charanga Scheme, children will listen, sing, move, play instruments, and perform a wide variety of songs in many styles. WIth focus on teaching about the elements of music through songs, children continue to develop their knowledge and skills related to these foundational building blocks of music. 

Children are encouraged to think deeply about the world, their communities, and their relationships with others. They are also encouraged to engage with and inquire into the broader role music plays or enjoys in our lives and society.

The progress and engagement of the child’s musical journey is assessed during key learning moments. ‘My Music Passport’ is used to log next steps and ensure all children know their learning outcomes for their unit of work.

Mission Statement:


Curriculum Overview:



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