Religious Education


At BPA we strive to give our children the opportunities to explore and question a variety of beliefs and religions, so that they can become well rounded and respectful towards others.

The Jigsaw RE scheme is a multi-faith programme which uses stories and children’s own experiences to immerse them in discussion and discovery. British Values are explored and reinforced throughout many units. We encourage children to explore and share their own opinions and beliefs and those of others.


We use Jigsaw RE as a guide to our planning. Each half termly unit follows the exploration of a concept through the investigation of a question. In each lesson, children are encouraged to develop their own understanding through discussion, questioning and practical application.

Each unit will have a quick quiz to assess understanding at the end.

At BPA we hope to give children the time and space through RE to feel comfortable to share their own feelings, beliefs and ideas.

As children progress throughout the school, they will build on what they have previously learned and thus develop their own understanding and appreciation of a variety of religions. 


Throughout each lesson, children will be encouraged to ask and answer questions and to explore their own values and those of others.

At the end of each half term unit, children will be asked to demonstrate their understanding through the completion of a quick quiz to assess what they have learned and through self-assessment.

Through RE at BPA, we hope to create a safe environment where all children will feel confident and comfortable to discuss their own beliefs and values and those of others with respect and understanding, even if they are different to those of their own. 

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