BPA - Admissions

For your child to attend our school we ask all parents and carers to follow our admissions policies for each academic year.  You can find the admissions policies for all relevant years on our website here.

We aim to ensure we make this process as easy as possible and make clear any explanations as to why we may not be able to admit a child to our school.  If for any reason this information is not made clear enough or indeed if you feel your child is wrongly being denied a place at our school, please follow the admissions appeals process run by West Sussex County Council which can be found on our policies page here.

Following the right process to gain a place for your child at any school can be tricky.  We have laid out all of the links and information you should need in the paragraphs above adn on our policies site.  Should you have any difficulty finding the information you need, understanding the process or indeed if you just wanted to check it through with someone at the school, please do contact our school office team who will be more than happy to help.  You can find their contact details here.