What's in a Pedagogical Model...

Recently, we were asked by our colleagues what our pedagogical model was here at BPA.

This was our reply…


“Dare I say, we don’t label our methods as a ‘pedagogical model’…sometimes a ‘model’ can be too constricting – especially for some of our best, innovative colleagues.  We think what we do at BPA is just good practice!

Assessment plays the most important role in making sure every minute of learning time is used well at BPA.  No scheme – however well written - can predict the needs of any given child’s learning or next steps.  As teachers, we hand craft and embed the learning opportunities to move every child on as quickly, robustly & creatively as we can. Nothing but the very best teacher modelling will do and targeted feedback is essential.  Consolidate, celebrate, congratulate.  Scaffold some more for those who just missed it – overlearn where necessary.  Then reassess, refocus and the cycle repeats.

It is a fluid, organic and responsive yet planned process directly related to the needs of each child.   Our model is simple.  What should they know?  What do they actually know? Fill the gaps in the most fun, well modelled, interesting and exciting ways possible.  Repeat.”


Thank you so much to all of our teachers, teaching assistants, & parents…Because you do that for our children every day!