BPA - Week 13

Home Learning Week 13: 

Week 13 continues to bring the home learning into alignment with the in school Group A and Group B rotations.  Each Thursday, we will put all planning live for a week (Thursday to the following Wednesday) of learning.  Since week 12 the plans have been targeting the essential steps children should have made by the end of a normal year.  It is vital that parents look at checking these milestones have been reached as the children will need to be able to start their next academic year with all of the skills they should have acquired.

Naturally, all of the children who have been doing their home learning every day will already be in a strong position and this will be more like revision for them.  If when you work with your children they cannot complete one of the essential skills, this needs to be an urgent priority for you to work on with your children at home.

We have also been busy creating additional content for you to pick and choose from - check out the links in the 'Home learning' drop down menu at the top.

Click on the appropriate year group and download the PDF one page wonder on your computer, phone or tablet.  Ideally, children will follow the suggested activities throughout their week and use the supplementary links and suggestions to keep their learning moving forward.  Please remember this should be up to 3 hours of home learning each day.

Year N - Week 13

Year R - Week 13

Year 1 - Week 13

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