Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is an allocation of funding that is given to us by the government to support children who may be vulnerable to under-achievement. The amount we receive is based on the number of children that we have who are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) or who are ‘Children in Care’ (CIC). We receive the equivalent of £1300 for every child who is currently in receipt of Free School Meals plus some additional funding that is based on the number of children who have had Free School Meals in the past 6 years but are no longer eligible. As a school, we have a responsibility to report on the progress of children receiving pupil premium; demonstrate how we are using the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) and the impact that it is having on children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

How much Pupil Premium Money do we get?

In the academic Year 2020/2021 our Pupil Premium Funding will be approximately £197,715

In the academic Year 2019/2020 our Pupil Premium Funding will be approximately £190,740

In the academic Year 2018/19 our Pupil Premium Funding will be approximately £194,040

In the academic Year 2017/ 18 our Pupil Premium Funding will be approximately £198,000

In the academic Year 2016/ 17 our Pupil Premium Funding will be approximately £208,650

In the academic year 2015/16 our Pupil Premium Funding will be approximately £134,000.00

In the academic year 2014/15 our Pupil Premium Funding will be approximately £130,000.00

What do we use this money for?

At Broadfield Primary Academy we use this pupil premium money to break down the barriers to learning for many pupils in our school.  Some of this pupil premium grant is used to fund some important roles within our school. These roles are focused on raising academic standards, especially in English and Mathematics, as well as supporting children’s speach and language, emotional and behavioural needs which enable children to learn more effectively. We also use the money to fund some services so that we can offer our children and their families support far more quickly and without the long delays and paperwork that can occur when we refer to other agencies. A more in-depth breakdown of how we will spend our Pupil Premium Grant this year and in previous years is below (click the picture to view full size).  An impact evaluation for each completed year is also available to help evaluate the effectiveness of the spending alongside the school's progress and attainment data.

The governors review the pupil premium plan at their timetabled meetings.  All reviews are based on SLT feedback and standards.  This year's Pupil Premium Spending plan will be reviewed briefly in June of the current academic year and the impact evaluation will be published in the first month of the next academic year.  All impact evaluaitons should be viewed alongside the school performance data to gain a complete picture.

Click here to view the current spending plan and the review of the previous year

2018 - 19 Academic Year (Current)
2016 pp Impact evaluation
Pupil Premium 2019 - 2020 Impact Evaluation 2019 - 2020
2018 - 19 Academic Year (Current)
2016 pp Impact evaluation
Pupil Premium 2018 - 2019 Impact Evaluation 2018 - 2019
2017 - 18 Academic Year
2016 pp Impact evaluation
Pupil Premium 2017 - 2018 Impact Evaluation 2017 - 2018
2016 - 17 Academic Year (Previous)
2016 pp Impact evaluation
Pupil Premium 2016 - 2017 Impact Evaluation 2016 - 2017

Barriers to learning at Broadfield Primary Academy:

Children in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant can face a variety of barriers to their learning over time and the Leadership team and governors work hard to identify the main areas of support and intervention where this funding can have the greatest impact on progress for these children.  Here at BPA we have identified the following areas of intervention, support and spending which helps overcome many of these barriers for our pupil premium children.

Speech and Language Therapists

Speech and Language Therapists assess children whose speech and language skills are causing concern and provide regular targeted intervention through speech and language programmes for individual children. Here at Broadfield East Junior School, we recognise that for many children this is a serious barrier to making progress and so we pay for speech and language therapists to come to the school regularly. They then work closely with the Teaching Assistants who work with these children regularly to ensure that these programmes have maximum impact.

Counsellors and Therapists

Our School Counsellors work with individual children who may be experiencing anxiety, coping with bereavement or family separation. This helps them to become more emotionally secure and thus focus on their learning

We also have a Play Therapist who works with individual children and groups of children on a weekly basis, supporting them in becoming more emotionally secure.

Read Write Inc Phonics

Phonics has been a targetted barrier for all staff at BPA for some years with many children arriving at school below the nationally expected stage of development.  After some successful years of developing our 'Letters and Sounds' Phonics programme, the EYFS and KS1 phase leads recognised that while attainment was rising, the progress made by some of our children was less than other schools locally.  Making the bold move to relaunch phonics teaching at BPA, the Read Write Inc (RWI) programme was given significant investment to improve learning of phonics and help further close the gap for all pupils and other pupils nationally.

Accelerated Reader

We constantly support children throughout the school to help them improve their reading skills. This is done in small group situations or on a one to one basis. Last year we invested in a reading scheme, ‘Accelerated Reader’, to engage children who are reluctant readers.  Through this reading scheme teachers can manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice. Children choose a book at their own level and read it at their own pace. When finished, the child takes a short quiz on a computer. This quiz then gives the teacher an indication of how much the child understood what was read. Both children and teachers get feedback based on the quiz results; the teacher then uses this information, alongside their own assessments to help the child set goals and direct ongoing reading practice.

Financed Breakfast Club

Evidence suggests that children who have eaten a healthy breakfast prior to the school day have greater concentration, and as a result perform better. We have funding which supports Pupil Premium children attending our Breakfast Club.

Staff Training

At Broadfield East Junior School we are continually investing in the development of teaching and learning to accelerate progress. Some of the PPG is used to train all teaching staff to ensure that they have a range of strategies; an appreciation of different learning styles; know how to make effective use of resources and a secure understanding of how to help close the attainment gap for pupil premium children through their quality first teaching in their classroom.

Teaching Assistants (TA’s)

Our Teaching Assistants are a valuable resource at our school and help to support the children’s learning in class and through planned, focused interventions outside of the classroom. They undergo regular training to ensure that they are conducting effective interventions that engage the children and support their progress in reading, writing and maths. These interventions are overseen and planned alongside class teachers to guarantee that they are tailored to directly support the individual child’s maths and English targets.

How is The Pupil Premium helping? 

  • It is enabling pupils eligible for pupil premium to access the same learning opportunities as other pupils.
  • Our pupil premium children are making progress in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and we are working hard to close the attainment gap
  • Children are getting quick and regular access to speech and language therapy
  • Vulnerable children are developing social and play skills through play therapy
  • Children are benefitting from talking to a counsellor about issues that concern them and so that they are better able to focus on their work
  • We are matching the funding to individual children and then tracking their progress which means that we can measure the impact of interventions more accurately.

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